The Dividing of America

In my sixty years I have always looked at the good in people, especially in my fellow Americans. There are so many good people out there, doing so many good things for others. However, the actions of the US Congress in recent years have contributed to a growing divide in American society. Political polarization has reached new heights, with lawmakers on either side of the aisle appearing unwilling to work together and find common ground on important issues. This has led to gridlock in the legislative process, with important bills failing to pass due to partisan squabbling. At the same time, the tone of the political discourse has become increasingly toxic, with politicians using divisive rhetoric and engaging in personal attacks instead of focusing on policy solutions. This has contributed to a growing sense of mistrust and anger among the American people, and has further entrenched the divide between different political and ideological groups. As a result, it has become more difficult for the country to come together and address the pressing challenges facing the nation, from economic inequality to public health crises.

photo: Creator: Carolyn Van Houten | Credit: The Washington Post
Copyright: The Washington Post

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