Remembering Joe Paterno

So many Twitter and Facebook posts I’ve read over the past day have had so many negative feelings; such harsh contempt towards Joe Paterno. Granted, as a whole they only make up 10-15% of the posts, but still only a few short months ago the number would have been in the 1-3% range.

Though many may feel justified condemning Paterno further,
they likely are making their assumptions based on only what the media has given them over the last couple months.
Please don’t misunderstand me, what allegedly happened is beyond horrible. But not one of those acts were done by Paterno.
Should he have done more? Could he have done more?
Probably. Even he admitted that.
But he did what he thought he should do at that time.
He didn’t know it was as big as it was, at that time.
None of us could have known, at that time.
What would any of us done, truly? Doesn’t going to your superiors seem the appropriate thing to do?
Paterno did that. Whether that was enough may be a debate that never has an ending.

All I know is I never met JoPa, most of us hadn’t.
I know I didn’t like him when his Penn State football team played against Syracuse University, but that was only because of his role in the rivalry,
not the man, the husband, the father.
I do believe it is best to judge someone on their body of work, not one instance, good or bad.

Joe Paterno has done more for the hundreds of young men that were lucky enough to be under his watch,
as well as countless organizations and foundations,
than any of us will ever be able to do ourselves, or could imagine to do.

I also believe that time heals.
Perhaps as time moves on, as it will, everyone that is unsure today will get to see the good in Mr. Paterno.
JoPa has passed. May he rest in eternal peace.