Food Network ‘Unwraps’ Summer Fun TV

So it’s a summer night, you’ve just finished watching the nightly news or a rerun of Seinfeld or Friends, and you ask yourself, ‘Is there anything worth watching that is fun, and maybe even educational at the same time?’ Well, try turning to the Food Network for a surprising change of pace.

Throughout the week Unwrapped airs in half-hour segments. Hosted by Marc Summers, Unwrapped takes you for a behind-the-scenes look at the wonderful world of food. From snack foods to gourmet restaurants, each episode takes a look at one niche of the food world, in three or four video segments.

In recent shows Unwrapped explored the world of soda pop, cookies, amusement parks, and fast food. Watch to see how Mountain Dew got its start, and how it’s manufactured and distributed around the world. View another episode and learn about national conventions that are held annually for amusement park owners to test and buy new food products, such as deep-fried Oreos or the latest line of Dip-n-Dots.

Quite often the show will be theme-based, depending on the season of the year. At Halloween time you can see how those childhood-favorite wax fangs are made on Halloween Unwrapped. During Easter season you can watch Easter Unwrapped to see how those always-popular marshmallow Peeps are made. And most recently the show examined the history of the hotdog.

Unwrapped is guided by Summers from segment to segment, usually from an old-fashioned 50’s soda parlor. He is quite personable and always quick-witted; not afraid to toss out predictably corny puns at the drop of a hat.

So if you’re tired of watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns, and not interested in the latest faux jewelry on the Shopping Network, channel-surf your way to the Food Network or and take in the latest Unwrapped episode. You may end up making it a weekly or even nightly part of your viewing or DVR-ing schedule. Currently, Unwrapped airs on Monday nights at 8pm, with reruns airing all over the schedule.